Optimizing Paid Ads for Beauty Influencer’s Cosmetics Brand

Claudia Novira is a Jakarta based beauty influencer with over 200k followers on Instagram. After years of endorsing other beauty brands, she decided it was time to launch her own brand that speaks to her core values which aims to inspire inner beauty.




When Claudia approached us, we were tasked with launching Cleya’s brand identity and launch campaign. We created the Cleya World campaign and collaborated with 15 different locations and 50 different influencers  to create visibility for the Cleya World AR Poster. The AR Poster is tied into our marketing strategy to ensure organic sharing beyond the influencer. Participants can scan the AR poster and tag our instagram to participate in.

Post launch campaign, during Ramadan month, the marketing budget was cut in half and we needed to start optimizing the marketing budget. We leveraged the customer insights to create lookalike audiences and further retarget the most engaging customer. We identified the most performing advertising channels and focused on running from 5 to 2 channels. We ran for a month and this resulted in an almost 90% decrease in the campaign cost result, but increasing the ROAS count.