Indonesia’s First Modern Drive-In Theatre Launch Success

Leveraging customer data 

Drive-In Senja is Indonesia’s first modern drive-in theatre and experiential destination for IP driven entertainment. The destination first opened in August 2020 in the midst of the COVID Pandemic. It has since opened in several urban cities throughout the country; Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. 




During the pandemic, people are longing for a recreational place that provides entertainment in a healthy and safe manner. But there is also the uneasiness of going out during the pandemics. So we know from the beginning we have to ensure we deliver the right message to the locals and make the experience safe and exciting at the same time. 

After establishing the branding, we created a marketing funnel to list down potential audiences by registering the data to google form. The data then is processed by our proprietary tools called Naluri and becomes a Facebook audience. We then search for lookalikes from people that are interested in Drive In Senja before it launches. A few days before launching, we implemented whatsapp marketing by providing FAQ support with the ultimate goal of conversion

After the launch, we collected all the data from our first week and gathered useful insights from the behavior of our audience by creating a custom version of Naluri for ticketing. By using this, we eliminate some hours that are inefficient and provide independent insights which track the optimal time to launch the ticket based on the data gathered from different sources.