Harnessing Community Growth for Pop Culture Digital Media Brand

Cinemaheads is a movie community launched by Industry Insiders Arifin Putra (Rumah Dara, The Raid 2), Hans Andreas (Samara Media & Entertainment) and Wanyi Pratiknyo (Base Entertainment, Foxtrot Six). The digital media brand produces content around the film industry, specifically Indonesia.




When Cinemaheads approached us, they wanted to adjust their positioning to appeal for a broader audience with an interest in film pop culture. After a brand audit, we advised to establish the roots of the brand with the Indonesian film market. 

Besides original content, we implemented organic growth strategies such as brand collaborations with local filmmakers and film studios. Such collaborations involve providing PR Kit support for films such as “Backstage” by Paragon Pictures, Trese by Base Entertainment, and Akhirat by Studio Antelope. Another method is cross funnel marketing from Cinemahead’s original YouTube content, “The Industry” and “Add to Watch List.”